On the 23rd February 2021 the members of the FORDYSVAR Project will hold a multiplier event which aims at presenting the progress made and getting to know new approaches to understand and address dyslexia.

This event will be online, with free entry for everyone interested in the topic, professionals and families. The only requisite is to register through this link:



● Official opening

● Presentation of the FORDYSVAR Project

○ UBU - Sonia Rodríguez. Project coordinator

● Presentation of the FORDYSVAR Toolkit

○ ARSOFT – Santiago González. Toolkit demonstration

○ UBU - Sonia Rodríguez. Activity explanations

● The importance of supporting dyslexia investigations from associations

○ ADBU (Dyslexia Association in Burgos). Silvia González. President

● These children are “dyslexic”, What does it really mean and how do we support them at school?

● Inclusion projects led by the University of Burgos

○ EURODIPP_e – Beatriz Núñez. Project coordinator

○ TUT4IND - Miguel Corbí. Project coordinator

● Social evaluation

● Closing